Why Do I Feel Lonely In My Marriage – 7 Signs You Should Look Out For

Why Do I Feel Lonely In My Marriage - 7 Signs You Should Look Out For

Why Do I Feel Lonely In My Marriage – 7 Signs You Should Look Out For.

Marriage is a long-term, committed partnership between two people, but that doesn’t mean married people can never feel lonely.

Being alone simply means that you are in a physical state where you are not close or attached to anyone, whereas loneliness has more to do with how nurturing your relationships are and how fulfilling your life is.

In the context of marriage, if your marriage does not meet your needs for companionship, love, affection, or other social needs, you may feel lonely despite technically having a partner.

Feeling lonely and depressed when your partner becomes more of a roommate than a special person with whom you share your joys and sorrows. There are several reasons for loneliness in a couple.

From miscommunication to other complications, such pain can drive a wedge between you and your partner. If you cannot communicate with your partner, the spark in your relationship will be extinguished. Even though they are meant to be your life partner, these issues can make them the reason for your loneliness.

Loneliness happens when you’re all in one place but unable to connect with each other. You both feel uncomfortable being alone.

There is neither physical nor spiritual intimacy between you. In short, you are a couple in the outside world, but not yourselves.

Stuck in a loveless relationship

Going through the same dreary routine day after day, year after year? Even if you sleep in the same bed, you won’t have meaningful conversations or intimate sex with your partner.

Your relationship may have had an exciting start.

Unfortunately, you now find that every day becomes dull and boring.

You have nothing in common, you always get angry. Nobody initiates an open exchange, and you don’t even have the same goal in life.

Anyone would feel lonely in a relationship under these circumstances.

Long distance relationship

When a couple has been separated for a long time, they begin to feel alone in their marriage.

Long-distance relationships are one of the most common reasons why this happens.

The truth is that being away from your partner can lead to the psychological effects of living alone.

You don’t have deep conversations anymore

One of the signs of loneliness in a relationship is that you can’t even talk to your partner.

You can talk about anything under the sun before you can talk for hours. This is the day when you will know everything about each other.

Now you can’t even remember the last time you sat down and talked. There’s always a reason not to talk, and it makes you sad and lonely.

No one cares about the other

You want to know how to overcome loneliness in a relationship, but how can you do it if you can never see your partner again? You try to ask your partner questions about their day, but you only get one-word answers, if any.

It’s as if you were physically together, but nothing more.

In an abusive or codependent relationship, you may start to feel like no one cares about you. You are exhausted, empty and fulfilling your partner’s desires instead of your own.

You can develop isolation

Another sign of loneliness in a relationship is when you lose hope and start choosing isolation.

You begin to lose interest in daily and social activities. You begin to alienate your family and friends.

People who deal with abuse, codependency, and toxic relationships often succumb to loneliness.

Overly Dependent on Each Other

In a 2020 study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, which examined nearly 1,400 heterosexual married couples in their 50s to 70s, researchers noted, married couples face a growing entanglement in which their lives intertwine in unhealthy ways.

When couples are completely dependent on each other as the primary social bond, it strains the relationship – leaving individuals vulnerable to loneliness when the relationship inevitably goes through a phase of disconnection.

According to Jackson, it’s easy to fall into the trap of making your spouse take full responsibility for your sense of accomplishment and validation. However, she said partners need to be able to feel fulfilled and whole as individuals.

She said: “In other words, your marriage can’t be the only thing keeping you from feeling lonely. You shouldn’t be looking for your spouse’s total approval. You can’t be looking for another person, let it be your spouse. , to be 100% satisfied. You should be happy with yourself. You must be happy with yourself.

You should have your own career goals. You must have your passion.

Jackson added, “If the idea of ​​having a busy life apart from your partner makes you feel uncomfortable or intimidated, it can be a good sign that you need to work on it.”

Lack of quality time alone

Not spending time alone can be a big problem, the counsellor says, especially in households where many family members live with the couple.

Organizations believe that it is not enough to live under the same roof as your spouse but to always spend quality time together.

“Finding time together is important if we don’t want to feel alone in our relationship. But it’s also important to make sure the time spent is really good. times like this What’s it like?