Watch as Mrs. Bade Nwankpa shares secretes she and her husband learnt from Pa Elton that has helped them for 46 years of their marriage.

Mrs. Bade Nwankpa shares secretes that has guaranteed her marriages success for over 40 year of her marriage. She and her husband learned these secrets from Pa Elton.

Sydney Granville Elton (or Pa Elton as he was affectionately called) left his native country, England, to come to Nigeria in March 1937, in response to a divine call to be missionary to Ilesha. Since that time right up to his home call 50 years later, Pa Elton was always at the centre of revival, playing one key role or the other.

Barr. Emeka and Mrs. Bade Nwankpa were both discipled by Pa Elton. In this Video she shares marriage success secrets she learned sitting under Pa Elton.

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