I don’t know about other men. But for me, I used to like to win arguments. I felt that was how to be a man. That being a man meant that I win arguments and put my wife in her place.

My wife and I in our few years of marriage, have had arguments, we have disagreed to agree on certain issues. You may have heard the saying that men are logical in their reasoning and women tend to be more emotional. So, when there is an issue, I would come from that angle of logic. I thought that intimidating her with all that reasoning and logic meant that I was winning. It’s only a foolish man that intimidates his wife.

Whenever my wife and I had an issue to debate. I would continue to present facts, logic, even figures, Sometimes, I would do a Google search on an issue just to prove to my wife that I am correct, and she is wrong.

Sincerely I now know that there is no wisdom in all that foolishness. I was just being a child. A grown-up married baby!

One of such days, we were debating about a particular issue. Now the truth about that issue is that I had an experience around that issue. I knew that if we had done what my wife was suggesting, we were going to make a mistake. But just as I was about to start my logical arguments and bring my facts to intimidate my dear wife again, I just heard this voice in my heart… SHUT UP! Go and PRAY about it.

I responded to the voice… What is there to pray again! This is common sense! Bla Bla Bla!

Then I heard the voice again. Just go and pray. So, I yielded.

I simply said to my wife that I had heard her own view on the matter and that we should PRAY about it.

After three days, my wife talked to me about the issue, and said she was now convinced that my view on the issue were in order. I asked myself in my heart. “She is convinced, who convinced her”? Then I remembered that I prayed, and the holy spirit works in the heart of men when we pray.

I spoke to a woman who has been married for over 20 years, she told me that PRAYER in marriage is the only true way to win in a successful marriage.

Sincere Prayer and yielding to God, will produce results and guarantee you a successful marriage, while arguments, fights, confrontations, intimidation, revenge and domestic violence will fail.

Someone asked me, so while my husband cheats, I should pray? And I asked her, what would you rather do? Confronting him won’t stop him from cheating, even if you were physically stronger than him, fighting and beating him won’t help. Or do you want to cheat back? That won’t help either.

Let me show you what God does when we pray for our spouse –

God always answers, one way or another, even when people don’t recognise his presence. “In a dream, for instance, a vision at night, when men and women are deep in sleep, fast asleep in their beds— God opens their ears and impresses them with warnings. To turn them back from something bad they’re planning, from some reckless choice”. Job 33: 14 – 17 (MSG).

On several occasion, I have been in situations where God using a dream, or His voice in my spirit or a man to warn to me about an unhealthy friendship that I was to cut off from before something unplanned happened. In many cases, my wife would have noticed that friendship and prayed about it. And when the conviction comes from God Himself. It produces obedience. It’s possible she would have confronted me, and it would only result in arguments and fights.

For a truly successful marriage. You must learn to win on bended knees. There is no better way.

This is what to pray for:

Pray for Unity in your marriage; Pray for Intimacy in your marriage; Pray for Honesty in your Marriage; Pray for Forgiveness in your marriage; Pray for Health for you and your Spouse.

 If there has been trouble in your home, Pray for Restoration, Bind the activities of the devil and every strange woman or man in your marriage; Pray for Healing in your Home.

Truly and sincerely do this, and trust me, you would begin to see God at work in your marriage as you yield to His will.

If this has blessed you, please share it, you might just be helping someone.

Successful Marriages truly are very possible.


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