Scholarships In Canada for International Students

Scholarships In Canada for International Students


Whatever your reason for pursuing a degree in Canada, scholarships are available for international students. While studying, these scholarships can help you pay for accommodation, tuition, and other expenses.

The purpose of this article is to show how Canada offers various scholarships to international students. The scholarships listed here are not exhaustive but are a useful starting point for international students to explore Canadian scholarship opportunities.

International Student Scholarships in Canada

  1. University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship program provides $15,000 support for international students to cover the cost of tuition, board, and books. The scholarship opportunity is for applicants who express a firm intention to pursue their studies in Canada and are willing to submit their application by early March of the year they wish to study.

  1. University of British Columbia Mainstream Scholarship Program

The University of British Columbia Mainstream Scholarship Program provides a total scholarship and award amount worth $5,000 to successful applicants with strong academic records. This scholarship is available for a one-year study program in any faculty at the university upon successful admission.

  1. University of Regina International Entrance Scholarship


The University of Regina International awards scholarships annually to international students. For several academic years, the University of Regina has offered International Entrance Scholarships to undergraduate full-time international students from all over the world. The value of these scholarships is worth about $200,000 per award. The award can be used towards tuition fees and living expenses.

  1. University of Victoria International Scholarships

The University of Victoria offers a variety of scholarships and awards for undergraduate international students. There are several categories of scholarships at UVIC for international students but the common one is the General Entrance Scholarship with which the institution awards several students to the tune of $3.5 million. The value of these awards for one year is about $3,000 to $10,000.

  1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to support exceptional doctoral students, who have earned the highest CGPA in their undergraduate and master’s studies to support their ambition to further their studies in Canada. The scholarships are valued at $50,000 for the study period of two to three years.

How To Apply for Canadian International Student Scholarships?

Depending on the university, there are different scholarship application procedures. Also, some scholarships may not require a formal application.

You can find many scholarships on the Internet, in school and college libraries and business centers, and on your own website. Before submitting an application, you should visit each university’s website for more information on application procedures, deadlines and contact information.

You may be asked to submit documents and test results as part of the application process to demonstrate your qualifications. It is essential that you plan your application in advance, as the application process can take anywhere from a few months to almost a year.

Some universities offer many scholarships to international students, but not all scholarships are the same for all students. Depending on their own career goals, international applicants should look for universities that offer the best programs for their academic interests.

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