Loving A Man That Doesn’t Love You Back – How To Guard Your Heart.

Loving A Man That Doesn't Love You Back - How To Guard Your Heart.

Loving A Man That Doesn’t Love You Back – How To Guard Your Heart.

Guarding your heart is very crucial in every relationship, both new and old relationships. By protecting your heart, you subconsciously apply brakes on things that would make you hurt, such as breakups. 

Over the years, we have discovered that one of the painful balls life would throw at one is loving a man that does not love you. Yes, the pains can be excruciating and also frustrating hence, the need to guard your heart judiciously. 

In this article, we will show you practical ways to guard your heart and signs that a man is not in love with you. Be sure to keep reading. 

Is It Wrong To Love Someone Who Does Not Love You? 

This is one of the questions we have gotten a dozen times from people. And the answer is very simple– NO. 

It is not wrong to love someone who doesn’t love you. However, caution should not be thrown to the wind while doing so. 

Moreover, love is sweet and beautiful when two wonderful souls love each other very much. Love should not be one-sided to avoid frustrations and pains. 

Therefore, strive for a balanced life in your love affairs. Love is a matter of the heart and should be taken seriously. 

As we noted earlier, loving someone who doesn’t love you is not wrong, but it places you closer to the strings of regret and pain if you do not guard your heart. 

Why Should I Guard My Heart? 

Guarding your heart means protecting yourself from toxicity, negative energies, and destructive behaviors that may affect your body and mind negatively in the long run. 

In loving someone, we mean loving that person who means the world to you. You need to surrender your heart. 

Yes, your vulnerability is needed as you create a strong bond with each other. However, when things do not go as expected, the heart tends to suffer more–people use their hearts more than their heads when they are in love. 

So why should you guard this “engine house”? The following are the core reasons you should guide your heart; 

  • To spot unhealthy relationships and how to deal with them without getting infected. 
  • Be competent enough to avoid impulse decisions. 
  • Be able to make wise and healthy decisions in a relationship. 
  • It enables you to know better ways to communicate your feelings. 
  • It facilitates peace among you, your partner, and others. 

How To Guard Your Heart 

Having known why you should guard your heart, the next thing you must learn is how to protect your heart. 

Below are the five powerful keys to protect your heart against toxicity and unhealthy relationship with people. 

1.Take Your Time. 

The number one key to guarding your heart is to take your time. Yes, you have to take things slowly. 

From our research and numerous people who have counseled, we have concluded that many heat breaks and disappointments result from couples rushing things. 

Do not rush things to show how head over heels you are in love. Take your time to objectively scrutinize who your partner is and how they affect who you are. 

2. Date Your Match 

Another key to guarding your heart is dating someone who matches you. This means finding that unique soul that shares your values and sees things similarly. We do not insinuate that both should see things from the same angle but understand each other. 

Furthermore, ensure that your partner wants you as you want them. Do not get into a relationship with someone who wants to fling while you want to settle down. The relationship must be of mutual interest. 

3. Have A Strong Reason For A Relationship 

Guarding your heart will help you know when and why you should be in that relationship. 

Many are entangled with toxicity in the name of love because they didn’t define the basis of their love. 

Many are in relationships because of fear of being alone. You are in for hurt and short-lived relationships when you date for the wrong reasons. 

4. Focus On What Is Important. 

Do not focus on the superficial rather, pay attention to what truly matters. Focus on goals, values, and virtues. 

By doing so, you take your mind off frivolities and protect your heart from hurts in the future. 

5. Pay Attention To Red Flags 

Ignoring red flags while in a relationship is another way to dig your grave early. Yes, that is a straight ticket to heartaches. 

A partner who emotionally and physically abuses you is not fit for you–that’s a red flag. 

Lies and pretense are also red flags. They are time bombs ticking. The longer you tolerate or ignore them, the bigger your pains in the future. 

Signs That A Man Does Not Love You. 

If you find yourself contemplating whether a man loves you or not, then you have to pay close attention to the following signs; 

  1. He does not communicate with you. 
  2. Ignores your feelings. 
  3. Hardly have time for you. 
  4. Always having sex with you.
  5. Do not include you in his plans 
  6. He doesn’t call or spend quality time with you. 
  7. He lacks commitment. 
  8. Easily get irritated about you. 
  9. Always finding faults 
  10. Hardly apologizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you guard your heart from a guy? 

The three practical ways to guard your heart are; 

  • Know what it means to guard your heart 
  • Find out what prevents you from guarding your heart and 
  • Keep your eye on your heart. 

Also, the five keys we shared will help protect your heart from heart aches. 

What to do when you love someone who doesn’t love you back? 

If you find yourself in such a situation, kindly MOVE ON with your life. Love is not one-sided!

How do you walk away from someone you love but does not love you? 

Do these; 

  • Understand that love is not one-sided. 
  • Grieve your loss 
  • Take care of yourself 
  • Invest in yourself 
  • Avoid contact with them 
  • Move forward. 


Your heart is the engine of love. You have to protect it at all costs. Do not rush into relationships, trust your instincts, and do not ignore red flags. 

We wish to see you enjoy love to the fullest. Feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions in the comments section. We shall reply in an instant.