Is It Possible To Find Real Love After Divorce? A Guide To Opening Your Heart Again

Is It Possible To Find Real Love After Divorce? A Guide To Opening Your Heart Again

Is It Possible To Find Real Love After Divorce? A Guide To Opening Your Heart Again.

Finding real love after a divorce is not a hard nut to crack if you follow judiciously everything we will explain in this article. 

Love is an intrinsic part of our lives, and we deserve to feel and live it. You deserve to love and to be loved. However, when one’s love boat sinks, can we return to normalcy? 

This and many more are the reasons behind this article you are reading. We will show you how to open up to love again. 

Is It Possible To Find Real Love After Divorce? 

This is one of many frequently asked questions, and we always give capital YES. It is possible to find honest and sweeter love after divorce if you open your heart to love. 

Unfortunately, two options are left for those who want to build a family with their spouse. It is either you are widowed, or you are divorced. That is a harsh truth and a reality that keeps staring at couples’ faces no matter how hard they try to avoid it. 

While many couples pray to grow and age together before parting ways with death, many break up in the early, middle, and even late years of marriage for several reasons. 

Divorce often leaves indelible marks on the hearts of its victims, which generates heartaches, rigidity, and shutting down of the heart towards love, especially when kids are involved. 

Often after the separation, the couples may want to find love again; however, the stigma from the previous marriage may keep hunting them, while many would see subsequent lovers as their ex-partners. 

If you find yourself between the blue sea and the devil and you doubt that you may find real love again, we urge you to take a deep breath because, in the next section of this article, we shall guide you through. You deserve that love your heart yawns for. Keep reading! 

How To Open Your Heart To Love Again After Divorce. 

The feeling of divorce can be likened to that of a ship hitting a rock. You feel that all hope is lost, and you can not find love again. 

Common on! Cheer up! Below are actionable steps to open your heart to love again. 

  • Working on yourself 
  • Forgiving and forgetting 
  • Take a bold step 

1.Working On Yourself 

The first step to opening yourself to true love again is working on yourself. This entails a lot and requires much energy to pull through. 

  1. Change Your Mindset: if you want to fall in love again after a divorce, you must first work on your mind. Your mind is potent and the engine of your heart. The same way a farmer weeds his farm before planting his seeds is the same way you should weed your heart before planting the seed of love. Have a positive mindset about yourself and what you want. Believe strongly that someone is praying to find, love, and cherish you. Hang in there! 
  2. Build Your Confidence: sometimes, people lose their confidence after a separation, making it hard to trust themselves again. Take your time to heal, trust your guts and begin to make wise decisions about your love life.
  3. Love Yourself And Be Hopeful: Divorce can leave you with a blow and you feeling less of yourself. Embrace up and love yourself even in your imperfections. Look at the mirror and appreciate who you see. Again, be hopeful that the grasses will be greener. 

2. Forgiving And Forgetting 

You can not find love again after divorce if you still harbor bad energies in your mind. You have to let go of things that do not matter. 

  • Detach Yourself Emotionally: Your mental and emotional health are constantly threatened by divorce, especially if your partner makes it difficult. However, to move forward, you must let go of every pain and resentment in your heart and embrace the new you. Do not dwell on your partner’s flaws; instead, visualize that future you hope to build with your new partner– a great loss to your ex-partner. 
  • Avoid Being Afraid: Fear is a great enemy of man. It can remove the crowns of a king seamlessly. It could be fear of being cheated or even abandoned. Do not allow fear to hold you back from finding love again. Everyone is not like your ex-partner. 
  • Avoid Comparison: At some point, you may be forced to compare yourself with people out there. You feel you do not have enough money to start dating or are not attractive again. Damn! Stop comparing yourself with people. You are more than enough, and you have good qualities many people seek in the dating market. 

3. Take A Bold Step 

After working on yourself and letting go of what is unnecessary, the next important step is to launch yourself into the dating pool. 

  • Begin To Date: At this point, you should open your arms to receive love. Most importantly, understand that your new partner differs from your former partner. Do not see them as the same. Moreover, do not rush to share your past with your partner; instead, share yourself in bits. 
  • Guard Your Heart: Protecting yourself from hurts and bad energies is vital. We do not encourage rigidity. Instead, we urge you to keep an eye on your heart. Do not ignore red flags or rush things. Always take a deep breath. 
  • Mingle With People: Surround yourself with positive-minded and caring people. People who share the same values can influence your life for good. 
  • Invest In Your Growth: You can learn a new skill or business or try something new to keep busy. Keep developing yourself to the point that your ex-partner wants to return. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you find true love after divorce? 

Yes, you can find true love after divorce. Being separated from your partner does not mean you can not love or be loved again. No, you can. However, you must be ready to perform the needed work. 

How long after divorce do you find love again? 

There is no specific time for that. It all depends on when you find love. It could be one month, three months, or even years. Do not rush to fall in love again after divorce, and ensure you have healed from every pain and resentment. 

How do I open my heart after divorce? 

The following tips will guide you to open your heart after divorce; 

  • Allow yourself to feel everything. 
  • Stay away from social media, especially if your ex-partner is on social media. 
  • Keep things as normal as possible. 
  • Focus on improving your support circle.
  • Have fun. 
  • Keep the kids out of it. 
  • Don’t rush into dating. 
  • Don’t rush things
  • Know when to ask for help.


Love is a beautiful thing. Do not allow divorce to deprive you of love and happiness. You can find real love again after divorce if you do everything we outlined in this article. But then, guard your heart and keep your kids out of it. 

Do you have any questions about this topic? Feel free to ask in the comments section.