How to Get a Canadian Student Visa: Step by Step Guide

How to Get a Canadian Student Visa: Step by Step Guide

Canada continues to be one of the most sought-after destinations in the world by international students looking to study. The very reason why the Canadian student visa is one of the most after by students in the world.

It is a known fact that over a hundred and thirty thousand international students choose to study in Canadian universities.

Canada boasts of some of the world’s finest universities. In addition, universities in Canada prioritize international collaborations, research, and scientific publications. All of these contribute to making it one of the most attractive destinations for international students.

Canada also boasts of numerous opportunities and possibilities. With a warm and vibrant citizenry, Canada is worth all the hype.

How to Get a Canadian Student Visa: Step by Step Guide

To successfully get a Canadian student visa, you must take a couple of steps. These steps include;

First, you must decide on the university you wish to study at. There are several universities available in Canada. To make the right choice, you might want to look at them critically to make the right choice.

You should consider some of these factors; cost of the tuition fees, location, the weather, et cetera.

You can also choose the university that is likely to provide the best learning experience for the course you intend to study. These factors should help you make up your mind.

Find out if You Need to Apply for a Student Visa in the First Place

Certain persons do not need to apply for a student visa before entering Canada. Trying to apply for a Canadian student visa when you should not be applying in the first place sounds like a wasted effort.

So, if you belong to this group of people, you do not need to apply for a Canadian student visa.

These groups include; if you’re a citizen of a different country, but you have an Indian status registered in Canada, you enrol in a study program that is less than six months, you are a family member or member of staff of a foreign representative in Canada and the said foreign representative is accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada et cetera.

Apply to Your Preferred University for Acceptance Letter

After making up your mind, the next stage is to apply to your university of choice to get an acceptance letter which you’ll need for the visa application process.

This letter is essential because you can not proceed with your student visa application without it.

Start the Online Student Visa Application Process

As soon as the acceptance letter from the university arrives, you proceed to the next stage, which involves the online application for the student visa. This is achieved in the following steps;

Apply for the Canadian student visa online via the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website, or you can send your student visa application documents by post if you have no internet connection where you reside.

Make available the acceptance letter. Ensure the acceptance letter is from a university duly recognized by the Canadian government.

Show proof of your financial capability. You should be able to prove that you can sponsor yourself in Canada.

You must also present proof of a clean criminal record.

You are also required to submit your health records that show your state of health. You’ll also be required to go for further medical examinations.

It is also essential to note that your student visa is renewable if you wish to continue further studies, change your university, et cetera.

One of the advantages of the Canadian student visa is your visa only expires ninety days after you complete your program, and you can easily apply for a work permit.

Documents Required to Apply for Canadian Student Visa

  • Your student visa application form (already filled)
  • The original letter of acceptance from a recognized university.
  • A valid international passport.
  • Recent passport photographs (two) with your name and date of birth written on the back.
  • Proof of your financial capability which is about eleven thousand Canadian dollars per year while living in the country.
  • Letter of intent
  • Proof of payment for the study permit is a hundred and fifty Canadian dollars.

Meeting the Language Requirements to Study in Canada

There’s an English and a French-speaking part of Canada. Canadian universities require you to submit proof of your English language proficiency.

These proofs include English language tests such as IELTS Academic, TOEFL, PTE Academic, et cetera.


When applying for a Canadian student visa, you’re often required to go to the Visa Application Centre in your country to have your biometrics taken.

It cost about eighty-five Canadian dollars. Not all countries are required to have their biometrics taken. In some cases, an interview is also scheduled. A fee is also charged for that.

According to the Canadian immigration website, while studying in Canada as a foreign student, you must endeavour to meet the conditions of your study permit and keep your profile information updated in your online account.

If your study program is ending soon, you also need to know how long you can stay in Canada and what to do if you plan to stay longer.

If the information in your profile changes, you must update it in your online account. You may need to update your profile if you change schools or need to edit documents or your contact information.

Before changing your school or program, you must meet all the study permit conditions. This means you must be enrolled at a designated learning institution (DLI) and actively studying while you’re in Canada.


This article extensively covered how to get a Canadian student visa and a step-by-step guide on how to achieve it.

In addition, it extensively discussed the documents required and went a step further in telling you what to do when you eventually start studying in Canada.