The issue at the heart of EVERY marital problem leading to separation, divorce, irreconcilable differences and whatever other names they are conveniently given today is always the issue of the HARDNESS OF HEART.

If at any time you find any marriage under God where there is no issue with the hardness of heart, you have found a marriage that will NEVER end in separation or divorce.
This is the truth according to the Bible – whatsoever is committed to the keeping, regulation and control of the Lord never suffers loss nor death. Shall we just take this to the bank once and for all?
Unforgiveness and unrepentance are the direct underlying reasons for prolonged marital challenges and are only so because of the same issue of hardened hearts.
Which is why in answering the question posed to the Author of marriage in Matthew 19 regarding the issuance of certificates of divorcement, our Lord raised the same issue of the hardness of heart, reminding us again that that was the reason for Moses’ permittance of divorces in the first place BUT it was not God’s original intention from the beginning.
Obtaining a certificate of divorcement today, as it was in the past does not infact address the issue of hardened hearts. It only reinforces it actually.
A man with a heart hardened towards God’s teaching, correction and rebuke is a man eternally separated from God.
Simply put, this man can never have a part in God. It would not even matter what human allowances are made for him (or her) on the earth today. His heart, in its hardened and unforgiving state, has no ability to share a part in God.
So the question that should be asked is, “if divorces result from the issue of hardened hearts, and as a result separates such men eternally from God, should this not be our major concern if we ever hope to share a part in God”?
In essence, is it not by far eternally better that couples facing marital troubles are taught by the word of the Lord to receive and give God’s life and forgiveness, in their own hearts and towards one another, than taking the same broadened highway towards separation from God which was not God’s intention FROM THE BEGINNING?
Is it not therefore more expedient for preachers and teachers to more seriously address the issue of hardened hearts and how it contradicts God’s original intention for marriage, rather than making the same MAN-MADE allowances that Moses in the time of the law and rebellion made to humanly permit divorce; allowances which do not hold up in this day when the grace of God for salvation has appeared to all men with the aim of teaching us to say no to ungodliness, such as is unforgiveness and unrepentance?
I make bold to say under God, that the only One who has the power to annul any marriage is the Maker of that marriage alone. And He does it by parting through death alone. Therefore, what God has begun and joined together, let not man put asunder.
Any attempt then to end a marriage that God has not purposed to part by death, and any activity of remarriage that may ensue therefrom, will altogether culminate in sin because at the heart of it, any deviation from God’s target and heart is sin. And just like divorce, remarriage while your husband or wife is still alive is sin aka adultery.
Let God alone be true and every misinterpretation of Scripture, opinions and ideologies of hardened mindsets remain a lie.


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