About Us


Successful Marriages is a network that seeks to tell stories of fruitful and successful marriages, to prove that marriages can succeed.

In an age and time when all we hear in society are how marriages are failing due to betrayals, (emotional, physical, spiritual). 

Successful marriages seeks to bring to light that successful marriages actually exist, and mentor both young people aspiring to get married, and already married couples experiencing difficulties that if the follow accurate patterns, their marriages can be successful

The Problem

Successful marriages did a research on marriages around the world, we learned from “Our World in Data” that Marriages are becoming less common, in most countries, the share of people getting married has fallen in recent decades. From personal interactions with young people in Nigeria, Successful Marriages learned that a lot of young people of marriageable age are scared of getting married because of the several stories of failed marriages both in their immediate environment, and stories across the globe.

We also gathered from “Our World in Data” that across most countries, people are marrying later in life rather than earlier. Talking to young people in Nigeria, we found out that factors responsible for this include, Young people want to make as much money as possible before venturing into marriage, because they claim, they don’t want to suffer; Young men claim they are already enjoying sex and female companion even while they are unmarried, so there is no need to marry early; Most young ladies are scared to get married because they have seen the hell other ladies like their mum, aunties, sisters and friends go through in marriage, and will rather remain unmarried.

Our World in Data” also showed us that cohabitation – couples living together who are not married – is becoming increasingly common. In Nigeria this is rampant amongst University students, the working class singles, and people who have come out of failed marriages who do not want any form of marriage commitment in their new relationships.

We learned from “Wikipedia” that there has been a general upward trend in divorce rates globally since the 1970s and as a result, single parenting is common and has increased in recent decades across the world as a result of failed marriages.

The Vision

Making more Marriages Successful by telling and modelling Successful Marriage Stories

The Mission

We do interviews with married couples who we know have been successful over the years, they share with us their experiences, success tips, secrets to fruitfulness and accurate patterns to a successful married life. 

Such couples include, Successful Religious Couples, Successful Married Couples in different Professions and businesses, Celebrity Actors and Musicians who we know have successful marriages. 

We Organise Marriage Seminars and trainings for already married and for those aspiring to get married.

We also sample quick opinions about marriages in general from every day people on the streets to see wrong mindsets, behaviours and practices in marriages, with the view to change such behaviours and mindsets.

The Owners

Successful Marriages network is founded by Mr. Ugochukwu and Mrs. Scholarstica Onuoha who have a passion to make more marriages successful by modelling successful marriages to a generation.