Are you one of those women who believe “My husband does not listen to me; I’ll tell him he should do certain things, but he doesn’t listen”. Most women, are truly saddened by the fact that they share ideas with their husbands, but their husbands don’t listen to them, and they wish their relationships with their husbands were different.

If you are one of such wives, a good way to start will be to ask yourself, what do I do (or not do) that stirs up my husband’s heart so that I am able to make a positive impact on his life?

You may also want to take sometime to seat with your husband and ask him sincerely..

“Why is it that I am unable to influence you, What are those things I do, that cause you to not take note in what I say?”

If he is sincere and wants the best for your marriage he would share his observations with you.

But let me share this 7 ways with you, they would also help you a lot.

  1. Be a wife he can trust.  Influence comes from trust and without trust, there is no influence. If you are the kind of wife, who your husband commits tasks, assignments or projects into your hands and you fail to deliver, he wouldn’t trust you, talk more of listen to your words of advice.
  2. Stand and fight with him against the world.  Every man wants a woman who is on his side when they’re in the midst of a trial.  Be the kind of wife who cheers him on so he can win the battle. No man want to come home to a woman who won’t cheer him up, after dealing with challenges out there in the world.
  3. Believe in Him, support Him.  By believing in him and following him, this makes him feel like he can conquer anything. If you don’t believe in your husbands dreams and endeavours, how can he confide in you or listen to you??
  4. Esteem him in public.  There is no higher compliment in his eyes. If you run your husband down in public, whether its a joke or not, you are killing your marriage’s intimacy and his confidence in you.
  5. Be a passionate wife.  Pursue him intimately. Most women feel it’s only the man’s duty to make them feel wanted. No! Your husband also want to feel wanted by you. Let him see how crazy in love you are with him.
  6. Put him before the children.  Show him you respect him by teaching your children to respect him. Also most women are so lost in their love and attention for the children that sometimes they forget or even deliberately ignore giving attention and respect to their husbands. You won’t gain your husbands trust if you do that.
  7. Choose to be a joyful wife. Be content with life rather than complain about life. As a wife, your mood affect the mood of your husband. If you are always moody and uneasy, it would generally affect your home. Encourage your husband productivity by always being cheerful and joyful.

There are other ways a wife can influence her husband positively. It isn’t limited to this seven ways.

You can share other ways with us or share your thoughts with us in the Forum Section.


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